Candidates for Monterey County Central Committee

Congratulations to these Central Committee candidates who won their election.

No candidates filed in District 1 

2nd Supervisorial District

(Not Contested)

Check mark symbol Susan L. Shaw

Check mark symbol Nan S. Lesnick 

Check mark symbol Robin Bassett 

Check mark symbol Tommy Razzeca

3rd Supervisorial District

(Not Contested)

Check mark symbol Mike LeBarre

Check mark symbol David J. Lebarre

4th Supervisorial District 

(Not Contested)

Check mark symbol Stacey Wilson

Check mark symbol Peter B. Kaiser

Check mark symbol Jefferson Davis

*one vacancy remains

5th Supervisorial District 

Check mark symbol Paul Bart Bruno 

Check mark symbol Peter Newman 

Check mark symbol Jeff Davi 

Check mark symbol Scott A. McKenzie

Check mark symbol Carl M. Miller

Check mark symbol Juli Mitchell

Check mark symbol Paula Anderson 

Check mark symbol Michael Addison

Check mark symbol Jeff Gorman

Check mark symbol Stephen Arnold

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