Candidates for Santa Cruz County Central Committee

Congratulations to these candidates who won their election.

(contested races only – results as of June 8 at 1:05am)

No candidates filed in the 3rd District and there is no contested election in the 4th District.

1st Supervisorial District

Check mark symbol Eugene D. Bustichi 

Check mark symbol Eric Erickson 

Check mark symbol Roger Snyder 

Check mark symbol Kristen Collishaw

Check mark symbol Brian M. Phelps

Check mark symbol Colin “Corky” Roberson 

5th Supervisorial District

Check mark symbol Wade Leishman 

Check mark symbol Cheri Brownfield 

Check mark symbol Tim Emanuelson

Check mark symbol Dave Hodgin 

Check mark symbol Marsha Maffia 

Check mark symbol Lea Reed 

2nd Supervisorial District

Check mark symbol Brad Williams

Check mark symbol Kris A. Kirby 

Check mark symbol Leon Mattingley

Check mark symbol Susan M. Allen 

Check mark symbol Sharon Gray 

Check mark symbol Katherine Cristallo

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