August 2020 BayAreaGOP Newsletter Articles

CAGOP Initiatives Committee Recommends Positions on November Ballot Measures

The Initiatives Committee of the California Republican Party met virtually on July 23 and recommended positions on measures that will appear on the November 3, 2020 ballot.

The Committee recommended support for Proposition 20, the Keep California Safe Initiative. Prop 20 expands the list of violent crimes for which early release is not an option and makes serial theft a felony. Its reforms roll back some of the excesses of the AB 109, Prop 47 and Prop 57 that have driven an increase in crimes, particularly car break-ins and shoplifting, in California communities.

The Committee also recommended support of Proposition 22 which allows app-based drivers, such as Uber and Lyft drivers, to continue to work flexibly as independent contractors providing transportation alternatives to Californians at a time when public transportation is often a safety risk.

The Committee recommended that Californians oppose Proposition 15, the “split roll” initiative, which would increase property tax assessments on most commercial property in the state.  These taxes would ultimately by paid by small businesses and consumers a time when most are reeling under the economic downturn resulting from COVID-19.

The Committee also recommended opposition to Proposition 16 which would reintroduce racial discrimination in public education, employment and contracting, something that was prohibited under Prop 209 passed by California voters in 1996.

Perhaps the most confusing measure on the ballot, Proposition 25 is a referendum on the legislature’s recent replacement of cash bail with a government run risk assessment system.  The Committee recommended voting “NO”, which would have the effect of restoring cash bail as a means to guarantee that individuals accused of a crime will appear in court when required.

For a complete list of the Committee’s recommendations please visit the November Ballot Measure page of this website.

The California Republican Party has announced that all CRP delegates will receive a mail ballot asking them to approve the Committee recommendations.  The ballots must be returned to the CRP headquarters or postmarked by Thursday, August 20, in order to be counted.

Please also check our events list for dates and times of upcoming programs on several of the most important ballot measures.


Napa’s Carlos Santamaria Runs for North Bay State Senate Seat

Businessman Carlos Santamaria wants to go to Sacramento to protect the civil liberties of the people, to provide balance in the State Senate, and to apply his business experience to help small businesses and workers at the same time.  He’s running for the State Senate in the North Bay’s District 3.

For over 25 years Santamaria has been a leader in operating and upgrading commercial buildings and particularly in improving energy efficiency in them.  He has run his own

company, served in various leadership positions, and provided his expertise to business, government, and international clients.  He believes the state legislature needs leaders that understand and support small businesses.

Carlos Santamaria also works with Bay Area community colleges in workforce development, developing training programs and internships in his industry.  High performance buildings require technically skilled people to run them, providing many opportunities for good jobs in facilities management and maintenance.  One of his priority issues is to increase industry participation in career technical education and internships; this will provide needed workers to businesses and good jobs to students and workers.

With regard to other issues Santamaria believes that workforce development can also help address homelessness, for those who are homeless from job loss.  He thinks that providing technical training for needed jobs can get homeless people employed again.  With regard to police issues, he says that, “Our law enforcement is essential.  A few officers have made serious mistakes, but what has happened is not representative of our country.”  He says that the data show a plurality of Americans believe the government’s Covid-19 response has been an overreaction. He says that, “99% of the people survive” the disease.  He points out that if we dealt with heart disease the way we deal with Covid, we would shut down every fast food restaurant.

The Third State Senate District includes all of Napa and Solano Counties, most of Yolo, part of Sonoma County, and bits of Contra Costa and Sacramento Counties.  Its cities include Vallejo, Napa, Petaluma, Fairfield, and Davis, among others. (See the map.)

Carlos Santamaria was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Torrance.  He received an AA degree focused on Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration from El Camino Community College.  He came to the Bay Area, and while raising a family and working full time, he earned a BA in Business from Saint Mary’s College and later an MBA from the University of San Francisco. 

He also holds a real estate broker’s license, is a LEED Accredited Professional in green building, and has been a licensed general contractor.  One of his most impressive projects was doing an energy efficiency audit on the Shanghai Tower, then the 2nd tallest building in the world.

Santamaria has also been active in his industry and community.  He serves on the board of the International Facility Management Association Foundation, has chaired an energy and environment committee of the Building Owners & Managers Association, and participated in an advisory group to the California Energy Commission, among other groups.  He volunteers at the Yountville Veterans Home.  He recently served as the Vice Chair of the Napa County Republican Party.

Carlos lives in Napa with his wife Karine and between them, they have two adult sons and a daughter.  Carlos and Karine enjoy travelling together.  You can learn more about Carlos Santamaria’s campaign on his campaign website, or contact him at

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