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Luis Buhler

Luis Buhler has worked as Chief Financial Officer for both technology companies and non-profits. He chaired Audit Committee for the California Republican Party and currently serves on the finance and candidate development committees for the Santa Clara County Republican Central Committee.   Appointed by Governor Pete Wilson, Luis served as Deputy Secretary for Economic Development of the California Trade and Commerce Agency

Luis played a key role in campaign to pass Proposition 54, the California Legislature Transparency Act. This initiative required the California Legislature to record of all of its public meetings and make those recordings available to the public. It also required all bills to be in print for 72 hours prior to the final vote.

As publisher of BayAreaGOP.com, Luis provides a political website that features events and news of interest to Republicans in the San Francisco & Monterey Bay Area.  He also serves as the volunteer CFO of the Lincoln Club of Northern California, the Treasurer of the California Congress of Republicans.

Roger Riffenburgh
Newsletter Editor

Roger Riffenburgh serves as the editor of the BayAreaGOP Newsletter and has written most of the candidate profile articles. He helps publicize Bay Area Republican candidates, who are often neglected by local media outlets. He also helps publicize Republican events and groups. He has been an active Republican volunteer in Santa Clara County and a supporter of Republican candidates throughout the Bay Area.

Roger has served as the Treasurer and also as the Secretary of the Santa Clara County Republican Central Committee. He has walked precincts for Republican candidates in every city of Santa Clara County. He has also run as a state Assembly candidate to provide voters a choice other than the incumbent. He serves as a delegate to California Republican Party conventions.

Roger graduated from Pomona College, with honors, as a mathematics major and earned his M.S. in the Stanford School of Engineering. He worked for the federal government in Washington, D.C. on a summer internship. His primary career has been working as a software engineer in the defense industry, where he worked on various classified projects, and did a stint overseas. He has also worked as a teacher, on political campaign staff, and as the BayAreaGOP webmaster.

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