Technology Consultant Nolan Chen Runs for Congress in Contra Costa County

By Roger Riffenburgh

As a technology solutions architect and a former systems engineer, Nolan Chen listens to his customers and develops technological solutions for their problems.  Now, as he is seeking to be the next congressman in the Tenth Congressional District, he listens to his constituents and delivers public policy solutions that will improve their lives.

Chen brings public policy experience as chair of the San Ramon Transportation Advisory Committee, which makes recommendations to the city council on numerous transportation issues, from bicycles to buses to BART.

He also brings a background in public safety.  As a graduate of the San Ramon Citizens Police Academy and a former Public Safety Commissioner, Chen supports law enforcement and says that demonizing the police has emboldened criminals.

Nolan Chen was born in Decatur, Illinois.  His parents were immigrants from Taiwan who “both came for graduate school and then decided to stay here for better job opportunities and more freedom.”  When Nolan was three, his family moved to the Bay Area, and he grew up in Cupertino.  He went east to Princeton University, where he earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering.  After a spell on the East Coast, Nolan returned to the Bay Area, where he has worked in the tech industry for over twenty years.

Chen’s tech work informs him on Artificial Intelligence and he says, “Congress needs to make sure we can reap the positive benefits of AI while protecting our privacy and civil liberties.”

Regarding immigration, Chen says we must secure the border, but welcome legal immigrants.

To combat inflation, he says, “we must make tough choices to slow the growth of spending while unleashing the productive energies of our economy”.   And on energy: “we need to strive for energy independence while we invest in developing cleaner, more efficient sources of energy”.

Nolan Chen considers the rule of law essential to the nation.  He says, “We must root out racial discrimination wherever it exists, especially in government and publicly funded institutions.  I will fight any attempt to cut corners around the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination.”

Chen offers “Next Gen Leadership for California”, but also wants to retain the wisdom of the past.  At the center of his candidacy, he will fight to preserve the United States as what Lincoln called the country: “the last best hope of earth”, and to follow the founding principles that all men are created equal and endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights.

The Tenth Congressional District includes much of Contra Costa County.  It runs along the Highway 680 corridor from Concord to Dublin and east to Oakley and the Delta.  It is currently represented by Rep. Mark DeSaulnier.

Nolan lives in San Ramon with his wife and three kids.  He hosts an educational YouTube Channel called Homeschool Nolan, on educational and job related matters.  In his spare time, you might find Nolan reading or making YouTube videos on learning.  You can learn more about Nolen Chen on his campaign website and his Facebook page.





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