Tony Loaiza Seeks to Serve the Community in State Senate

Tony Loaiza wants to be the next state senator in District 15 and believes that his desire to serve, as well as his career in the military, in law, in business, and in the community, have prepared him well to be effective in public service.  He has served in the U.S. Army, worked as an international lawyer in Russia, led business growth in Silicon Valley, and actively volunteered in youth and civic organizations.

Loaiza emphasizes that he is not a career politician.  He says, “Californians have lost faith in career politicians.  Incumbents deceptively divide us with emotional agendas to distract us from their failed partisan policies.”  In contrast, he describes his own capabilities:  “Because I come from a legal background, I do understand legislation.  Because I come with 23 years of business experience, I know how to execute on plans and get results.”

His agenda prioritizes 1) education, where he supports addressing administrative overhead, more life-based programs, and increasing vocational options, 2) a stronger economy, where he wants to improve the business ecosystem, offer more affordable housing options, and decrease regulations, and 3) public safety: restoring consequences for criminals, re-establishing the authority of police, and addressing homelessness with more mental health resources.  He says, “I will humbly serve as the unifying voice of our community so that our local family values, that so many of us share, can be reflected again in our laws.”

Senate District 15 is entirely in Santa Clara County, and runs down Highway 101 from downtown San Jose to Gilroy.  It includes most of San Jose, South County, and the eastern hills. (See the map.)

Tony Loaiza is the son of an Irish American mother and a Latino father, who immigrated from Costa Rica and joined the U.S. military.  They met and were married in Los Angeles.  Tony was  raised as an “army brat”, living on military posts from Alabama to Panama to Athens, Greece.  After high school, he joined the army, learned Russian in Monterey, and served for six years as a Russian linguist in military intelligence, while serving in leadership positions.

After the Soviet Union fell, Loaiza decided to pursue a career as an international lawyer working for American companies in Russia.  He started studying while still in the army reserve and earned his B.A., with honors, at the University of Texas in Austin.  He’s proud to be in the first generation of the Loaiza family to graduate from college.  He followed with a law degree at UT School of Law and also earned an LL.M., a Master’s degree in law, from the Moscow Institute of Law.  He lived in Russia doing legal work for three periods of time.

In 2000 Tony returned to the Bay Area, where he has worked for various tech companies, including some startups, developing business, providing leadership, and helping improve efficiency and software systems.  He has lived in several cities including the Blossom Hill and Camden areas of San Jose.  He has been very active volunteering with education and youth groups, serving as President of the San Jose Unified District Advisory Council, VP of Communications for the PTA, and coaching kids soccer.  He has served on the boards of Rotary, the Gilroy Downtown Business Association, and the Garlic Festival.

Tony loves motorcycles and playing soccer (as a goalie) and takes pride in getting up at 4:30am to go to the gym.  He lives in Gilroy with his wife Sara and their five teenage kids.  You can learn more about Tony on his campaign website .

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