Bay Area Republican Candidates Launch Problem Solvers CA

By Roger Riffenburgh

In these times when much of politics is divisive and negative, a group of Bay Area Republican candidates has come together around the idea that collaboration is required to get things done.  The formation of the group, which is called Problem Solvers CA, was announced recently by Assembly candidate Tim Dec at the Santa Clara GOP – SPARC picnic.  Dec says the thrust of the group is “to address the issues in a way where all sides are at the table, and there’s room for collaboration and compromise to solve problems.”

The Problem Solvers CA press release explains, “In politics today, each party stakes out its issues and frames them as either/or, all or none. We are not effectively addressing our problems.”  “Candidates can change this culture by striving to understand all points of view and working together for the best outcomes.”  As a result, “we are forming a coalition of candidates who reject the divisive partisan politics of today. It is open to anyone who is willing to change the dynamics in politics, conservative or progressive.” 

The Problem Solvers CA candidates include Assembly candidates Bob Brunton, Tim Dec, Liz Lawler, Vicki Nohrden, Joe Rubay, and Ted Stroll plus Congressional candidate Ritesh Tandon.  Liz Lawler, a Monte Sereno council member whose Assembly district runs from San Jose to Santa Cruz, says, “This shows our dedication to real problem solving and working across the aisle to accomplish meaningful results.”  Ted Stroll, who’s running in the San Jose area, says, “We are working on real solutions to provide affordable housing, improve public education, and reduce the cost of energy.  We invite Democrats and independents to join us.”

Joe Rubay, whose Assembly district runs from Walnut Creek to Livermore, wants to “work across the aisle to try to develop common sense solutions to the problems of the state.”  He says that an example is public safety, where some Democrats have finally realized that Proposition 47 needs to be revised to stop the increase in smash and grab crimes. 

At the beginning of the year a California Problem Solvers Caucus was formed by state legislators who felt the government is not working for the people and wanted to come together to find solutions.  While the candidates group Problem Solvers CA is not connected to the Problem Solvers Caucus, the candidates plan to join the caucus when they are elected. 

You can learn more about the Problem Solvers CA candidates on their website,

Ritesh Tandon

Candidate for CA 17

Liz Lawler

Candidate for AD 28

Vicki Norhden

Candidate for AD 30

Tim Dec

Candidate for AD 23

Ted Stroll

Candidate for AD 25
Ted for Assembly

Joe Rubay

Candidate for AD 16

Bob Brunton

Candidate for AD 24

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