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California Republican Platform Timeline & Committee Members 

Prior to the Presidential Election Year, the California Republican Party elects a new Platform Committee. Committee members from each Assembly District are elected by State Delegates. Other committee members include nominees, elected office holders, regional chairs and officers of the State Party. View the list.

Important Dates

May 25: Proposed platforms must be submitted to

June 3: A Platform Drafting Committee will be elected by the full Platform Committee, and we will highlight Bay Area members on this page when the list becomes available on June 10.

June 19: Deadline for amendments to the proposed platform submitted to the Platform Drafting Committee. They will be posted on the CAGOP website on June 23. The Platform Drafting Committee will meet sometime in July.

August 10: Platform Drafting Committee must present an approved draft to the Platform Committee.

September 6-8: The draft Platform will meet and present the Platform to CAGOP Delegates at the Fall Convention.

Delegates may log into the Delegates page on the CAGOP website for more information.

Platform Committee Members based in the Greater Bay Area are listed below.

CAGOP Leaders on Platform Committee

Jason Clark, Regional Vice Chair Bay Area
Harmeet Dhillon, RNC Committeewoman
Matt Heath, Regional Vice Chair Northwest
Peter Kuo, Vice Chairman
Lindsey Stetson, Regional Vice Chair Central Coast
Deborah Wilder, Regional Vice Chair North

Senate Nominees

SD 3 – Gregory Coppes
SD 7 – Joseph Rubay
SD 9 – Rich Kinney
SD 10 – Victor San Vicente
SD 11 – Ken Loo
SD 12 – Rob Poythress
SD 13 – Richard Ciardella
SD 15 – Chuck Page
SD 17 – Palmer Kain
SD 25 – Michael Antonovich

Assembly Nominees

AD 02 – Matt Heath
AD 04 – Beverly Thompson
AD 10 – Vacant
AD 11 – Lisa Romero
AD 14 – Victoria Mosby
AD 15 – Pranav Jandhyala
AD 16 – Catharine Baker
AD 17 – Nicole Garay
AD 18 – Stephen Slauson
AD 19 – Keith Bogdon
AD 20 – Joseph Grcar
AD 22 – Christina Laskowski
AD 24 – Alex Glew
AD 25 – Bob Brunton
AD 27 – G. Burt Lancaster
AD 28 – Michael Snyder
AD 29 – Vicki Nohrden
AD 30 – Neil Kitchens

Elected Committee Members

AD 02 – Karen Sanders
AD 04 – Allison Olson
AD 10 – Kevin Krick
AD 11 – Jim McCully
AD 14 – Michael Gomez
AD 15 – Jonathan Madison
AD 16 – Dominic Pruett
AD 17 – Bill Shireman
AD 18 – Paul Cummings Jr.
AD 19 – Howard Epstein
AD 20 – Dan Trimble
AD 22 – Mark Watson
AD 24 – Virginia Chang Kiraly
AD 25 – Larry Ciardella
AD 27 – Khanh Hoang
AD 28 – Timur Engin
AD 29 – Peter Verbica
AD 30 – JW Paine

Upcoming Conventions

Fall 2019 Convention
September 6-8, 2019
Indian Wells, CA

Spring 2020 Convention
May 1-3, 2020
LAX Marriott

Congratulations to the new leadership of the California Republican Party!

Bay Area Region Vice Chair Jason Clark
Central Coast Region Vice Chair Lindsey Stetson
Central Valley Region Vice Chair Lisa Moreno
Northern Region Vice Chair Deborah E.G. Wilder
Northwest Region Vice Chair Matt Heath

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