Help Restore the California Dream: Introducing Golden Together

Help Restore the California Dream: Introducing Golden Together

by Steve Hilton

California is at a crossroads. Once the beacon of opportunity and innovation, our state now grapples with rampant crime, an ever deepening housing crisis, and a suffocating business climate. That’s why I’m proud to have launched Golden Together, a new citizens movement dedicated to fixing our state and restoring the California Dream for the next generation.

At Golden Together, we believe in common-sense solutions grounded in putting power back in people’s hands. Our team has been hard at work researching California’s most pressing challenges, and offering substantive solutions to complex problems.

For instance, while California is consistently rated the worst state in the country to do business, our white paper aimed at revitalizing California’s business climate outlines specific proposed reforms aimed at making our state the place where entrepreneurs are most likely to thrive.

And while Sacramento politicians love to lecture Californians about climate change, their forest management policies have resulted in catastrophic wildfires, which in 2020 generated more emissions than California’s entire electricity, commercial, and residential sectors combined. That’s why Golden Together published a report advocating for increased controlled burns and active forest management to mitigate devastating fires, which would help reduce these infernos and help stimulate the economy and increase access to building materials.

We’ve also been hard at work promoting solutions intended to make homeownership attainable for more Californians as Bloomberg recently reported. We propose radically increasing the housing supply by streamlining permitting processes, reforming CEQA and supporting a variety of housing types necessary to make the state affordable for working families once again.

Golden Together is more than a think tank – it’s a citizens movement to rescue the California Dream. In addition to promoting solutions intended to address our pressing challenges, we need passionate volunteers committed to helping enact  a difference in every county. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or take on a leadership role, or make a monthly contribution to help keep our gas tank full, there is a place for you in this fight to rescue the state we love.

Join us at Golden Together and be part of the solution. The future of our state depends on it. Visit for more information and to get involved.

Steve Hilton is the founder of California Together and was previously  senior policy and strategy advisor to former UK prime minister David Cameron and former host of The Next Revolution on Fox News.



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