December 2017 BayAreaGOP Newsletter Articles

Gas Tax Repeal Update: Time to Collect Signatures

Two ballot measures to repeal the recent increase in gas, diesel and vehicle registration taxes have been cleared for circulation by the Secretary of State, and signature collection has started on one of them. 
Carl DeMaio and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association are promoting a constitutional amendment that would not only repeal SB 1, the tax increase bill, but also require future increases in the gas, diesel and vehicle taxes to be approved by a vote of the people. While an unfair title and summary was written by the Attorney General for this measure, the sponsors have decided to begin signature collection immediately since they will need 585,407 valid signatures to qualify.  
Assemblyman Travis Allen’s initiative would simply repeal SB 1. Because of an unfair title and summary written by Jerry Brown’s appointed Attorney General, Assemblyman Allen has launched a legal challenge that includes an appeal to the California Supreme Court, thus delaying the signature gathering campaign.  Because it only changes the law, it needs 365,880 valid signatures.
Senate Bill 1 was signed by the governor in April, despite his previous pledge to send new tax increases to the voters.  The increase at the pumps was effective on November 1.  The new law increases the gas tax by 12 cents per gallon, the diesel fuel tax by 20 cents per gallon, and vehicle fees by $25 to $175 per year, depending on the vehicle’s value.

Here’s How You Can Help!

1. Visit the Repeal the Gas Tax page on and learn more about the status of both measures. We will be updating this page as more details become available.
2. Download a petition that you and one other person can sign – and mail it in using the instructions provided ASAP! They want this first round of signed petitions by January 10th.
3. Request petitions that allow for multiple signatures and start circulating to your friends, family, and colleagues. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully so that the signatures can be validated. For example, be sure that signers are all registered to vote in the same county. If they are not sure where or if they are registered, they can check their voter status at this link. Make certain you fill in the circulator information as well.
4. Plan an event to collect signatures and publicize the repeal campaign.  You could have a rally, a streetside event, or collect signatures at a regularly scheduled political meeting. 

Republican GOTV to Change in 2018 with Voters Choice Act

San Mateo and Napa Counties Among First to Implement New Law

The Voters Choice Act was passed by the California Legislature in 2016, calling for major changes to the way Californians cast their vote and resulting in a need to adjust traditional Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. This new voting model is being implemented by 5 counties in the 2018 election cycle, including the two Bay Area counties of San Mateo and Napa.

Under the new law, voters will receive their ballots in the mail 28 days before the election. Ballots can be mailed in, or dropped off at sites determined by each county. To encourage early voting, events can be organized where voters bring their completed ballots to be turned in by the GOTV organizer. Regional Vote Centers will be open 10 days before election day to allow county residents to register to vote and cast their ballot in person. Since Election Day polling places will no longer be available in each precinct, and voters can vote anywhere in the county, GOTV efforts must include communications with your target voters to confirm ballots have been mailed in or dropped off. County GOTV teams must sign up to access voting data from the county elections office as it comes in over the 28 days of this new voting cycle.

San Mateo GOP Chair John Boyle says his team has already had relevant experience, during the 2015 local elections when the county tested an all-mail-ballot election.  On their recommendation mailer they explained the various voting methods to voters.

In supporting Republican candidates, he says “There are lots of ways that we, as the SMGOP Central Committee, can and will evolve our support to help these local candidates including training, postal mailers, multiple email blasts, phone-banking, social networking support, and other forms of assistance.”

Each county will implement the Voters Choice Act with the help of community input. County parties may want to contact the county elections office to suggest the locations of drop off boxes and vote centers. County parties and volunteer groups can also request a mobile vote center to be available at a rally or event that they organize.

Visit the County Elections websites to learn more about implementation of the Voters Choice Act in San Mateo and Napa Counties.

If you would like to assist with GOTV in your county, feel free to contact your local Republican Central Committee.

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