Repeal SB 1 – Protect Taxpayers from the Democrats’ Gas and Vehicle Tax Increase!

When the Democrats’ gas and vehicle tax increase went into effect on November 1 of this year, voters expressed their opposition as gas prices skyrocketed throughout the State. The CAGOP hosted GasTaxtrophe Day on November 4th as Republican volunteers waved signs and informed voters about the opportunity to repeal the recent increases in the next election.

Two Republican initiatives to repeal SB 1 have qualified to collect signatures. We will keep this page updated as the campaigns progress.

Initiative to Repeal SB 1

Assemblyman Travis Allen’s measure to repeal SB 1 received an unfair title and summary, according to Superior Court Judge Timothy M. Frawley. Unfortunately the Attorney General won a challenge to this decision in the Appellate Court, and now Assemblyman Allen will take his case to the California Supreme Court. This has delayed signature gathering for his initiative that requires 365,880 valid signatures.

To learn more about this initiative, visit the campaign website.

Constitutional Amendment to Empower Voters and Stop SB 1

Carl DeMaio and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association are advancing a constitutional amendment that would not only repeal SB 1, but also require a vote of Californians before certain transportation taxes can be increased. The title written by Governor Brown’s appointed Attorney General was similar to the one prepared for the Allen Initiative, but the sponsors decided to move forward with signature gathering. Petitions are now available and 585,407 valid signatures must be collected.

Click here to request petitions for multiple signatures and to find out about the campaign around the State.

Check with your County GOP Committee to see if they have signature drives or events to inform voters.


Collect Signatures To Repeal the Gas Tax!

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