The California Republican Platform is created to outline the Party’s guiding principles.  

Prior to the Presidential Election Year, the California Republican Party elects a new Platform Committee. Committee members from each Assembly District are elected by State Delegates. Other committee members include County Committee Chairs, nominees, elected office holders, regional chairs and officers of the State Party.

View the list of Platform Committee members from the Bay Area in the column on the right.

The Platform Drafting Committee has been appointed and Bay Area-based members are identified on the list to the right with an *.  This Committee will meet Saturday, August 1 at a location near LAX to draft a platform that shall be presented to the full Committee no later than August 10, 2015.  California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte recently announced that Delegates may attend this meeting, even if they are not on the Drafting Committee. Those wishing to attend should RSVP by emailing CRP Membership Director, Katie Wheeler, no later than Monday, July 20, 2015. More details about the meeting, including the confirmed location, will be in upcoming Delegate newsletters.

The platform will be presented to CRP Delegates at the Fall Convention to take place September 18-20 in Anaheim.  If you are a Delegate for the California Republican Party, you may log in to the Delegate’s page on the CAGOP website to learn more about the work of the Platform Committee.

Bay Area Platform Committee Members Elected by Delegates in their Assembly District:

Listed in Order by Assembly District

Marie Derr (AD 2)
Kevin Hangman (AD 4)
Thomas Montgomery (AD 10)
Delon Jackson (AD 11)
Debora Allen (AD 14)
Ralph Palma (AD 15)
Elizabeth Patock (AD 16)
Jason Clark (AD 17)
*Paul Cummings Jr. (AD 18)
Howard Epstein (AD 19)
*Dan Trimble (AD 20)
*Jonathan Madison (AD 22)
*Virginia Kiraly (AD 24)
Arlyne Diamond (AD 25)
Van Le (AD 27)
Shane Patrick Connolly (AD 28)
Cindy Norlin (AD 29)
*Greg Swett (AD 30)

Bay Area CRP Leadership

Vice Chair Harmeet Dhillon
CRP Associate Representative Aaron Ginn
*CRP Bay Area Vice Chair Kevin Krick
*CRP Northwest Vice Chair Elissa Wadleigh
*CRP Central Coast Vice Chair Rob Bernosky

Bay Area Elected Officials, Nominees & Appointees

*AD 02 – Matt Heath
AD 04 – Charlie Schaupp
*AD 10 – Gregory Allen
*AD 11 – Alex Henthorn
AD 14 – Joy Delepine
*AD 15 – Rich Kinney
AD 16 – Assembly Member Catharine Baker
*AD 17 – David Carlos Salaverry
AD 18 – David Erlich
*AD 19 – Rene Pineda
*AD 20 – Jaime Patino
AD 22 – Mark Gilham
*AD 24 – Diane Gabl
*AD 25 – Bob Brunton
*AD 27 – G. Burt Lancaster
*AD 28 – Chuck Page
*AD 29 – Palmer Kain
*AD 30 – Mark Starritt
SD 03 – Frank Miranda
SD 07 – Michaela Hertle
SD 09 – Connor Radlo
*SD 10 – Peter Kuo
SD 11 – Harmeet Dhillon
SD 12 – Senator Anthony Cannella
*SD 13 – Rick Ciardella
*SD 15 – Jared Ferguson
*SD 17 – Larry Beaman
*SD 25 – Gilbert Gonzales

* – Member of 2015 Platform Drafting Committee

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