BayAreaGOP 2020 Election Voter Guide

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Republican Assembly Candidates

AD 01 – Charlotte Svolos

AD 04 – Matt Nelson

AD 11 – Debra Schwab

AD 14 – Janelle Proctor

AD 16 – Joe Rubay

AD 18 – Stephen Slauson

AD 19 – John McDonnell

AD 22 – Mark Gilham

AD 24 – Peter Ohtaki

AD 25 – Bob Brunton

AD 27 – Burt Lancaster

AD 28 – Carlos Cruz

AD 29 – Shomir Banerjee

AD 30 – Greg Swett


Republican Senate Candidates

SD 03 – Carlos Santamaria

SD 07 – Julie Mobley

SD 13 – Alex Glew

SD 17 – Vicki Nohrden

Republican Congressional Candidates

CD 02 – Dale Mensing

CD 03 – Tamika Hamilton

CD 05 – Scott Giblin

CD 09 – Tony Amador

CD 11 – Nisha Sharma

CD 13 – Nikka Piterman

CD 14 – Ran Petel

CD 15 – Allison Hayden

CD 17 – Ritesh Tandon

CD 19 – Justin Aguilera

CD 20 – Jeff Gorman

November Statewide Ballot Measures

View the ballot measure preliminary results for the November 3, 2020, General Election, and the recommendation from the CAGOP at this link.


Below is more information on Republican candidates we highlighted in the November General Election.

Nisha Sharma

Nisha Sharma

CD 11 Nominee

Nisha Sharma has a lifetime of helping others and serving her community. As an immigrant from India, Sharma owes a debt of gratitude to the United States and the East Bay for providing her the American Dream.
Sharma works as a realtor in the East Bay, and serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of one the largest socio-religious organizations in the Bay Area, the Fremont Dharma Samaj, which brings 100,000 people a year together through different programs.

View Map of CD 11

Ran Petel

Ran Petel

CD 14 Nominee

Ran Petel is a financial executive, pension fund and private equity consultant, veteran, and a fiscally conservative moderate who believes in common sense policies. He believes that legal immigration, supported by secure and safe borders, protects our workers and families and positively contributes to our society. Petel says the recent push for Socialism is misguided and even dangerous because it takes away personal responsibility and accountability. 

View Map of CD 14

Ritesh Tandon

Ritesh Tandon

CD 17 Nominee

Ritesh has worked for nearly two decades in the Silicon Valley and proudly serves the disadvantaged both here in the Bay Area and abroad through nonprofit engagement. Seeing a lack of representation of our values in Washington, DC, Ritesh is seeking to serve the Bay Area in Congress.

View Map of CD 17

Justin Aguilera

Justin Aguilera

CD 19 Nominee

Justin was born and raised on the East Side of San Jose. He works in the family business and became involved in politics when the promise of “Hope and Change” never came to fruition. He looks forward to helping people become successful and to live their dreams. Justin wants to be part of the new generation of elected officials.

View Map of CD 19

Carlos Santamaria

Carlos Santamaria

SD 3 Nominee

Carlos serves as 1st Vice President of the Napa County Republican Party. He is a businessman having worked in commercial real estate for over 25 years. Carlos is an international speaker on the topics of energy efficiency and sustainability implementation, among other subjects. Write in Carlos Santamaria in Senate District 3.

View Map of SD 3

Julie Mobley

Julie Mobley

SD 7 Nominee

Julie has lived in the East Bay for over 20 years. Her experience as an engineer and R&D manager, as well as a Mom and community volunteer, has given Julie a unique perspective and prepared her to take on some of our state’s biggest challenges. 

View Map of SD 7

Dr. Alex Glew

Dr. Alex Glew

SD 13 Nominee

Alex serves as Secretary for the South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (SPARC) and an Ex Officio member of the Santa Clara and San Mateo Central Committees. Dr. Glew is a professional engineer practicing in mechanical engineering and materials science engineering, focusing on high technology concerns. He is an inventor and longtime resident of Silicon Valley.

View Map of SD 13

Joe Rubay

Joe Rubay

AD 16 Nominee

Joe Rubay is a Bay Area Native from Alamo. He says one of the most important issues facing our families include access to reliable, affordable healthcare and improving the quality of education available to our children. He wants transparency to ensure the taxes paid by us are being used for their intended purpose.  With regard to housing, Rubay believes it is unconscionable that the incumbent voted for rent control, particularly when the district voted overwhelmingly against it in 2018.

View Map of AD 16

John McDonnell

John McDonnell

AD 19 Nominee

 John McDonnell has been a Los Altos-based tax and business lawyer for over 35 years. He is the former President of the South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (SPARC) and is a Member of the San Mateo County Central Committee.

View Map of AD 19

Peter Ohtaki

Peter Ohtaki

AD 24 Nominee

Peter served as City Councilman and Mayor in Menlo Park from 2010 – 2018. After years of deficits, Peter helped balance Menlo Park’s budget in 2011 by paying down an unfunded pension liability that was costing about $800k each year, saving taxpayers $3.6 million in interest expense. Peter is Vice President, Enterprise Incident Management, for Wells Fargo. Previously, Peter was the Executive Director of the California Resiliency Alliance, a non-profit organization that brings businesses and government together to improve disaster planning and response statewide. Peter is a member of the South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (SPARC).

View Map of AD 24

Dr. Shomir Banerjee, MD, MSEE

Dr. Shomir Banerjee, MD, MSEE

AD 29 Nominee

Dr. Banerjee owns a concierge and family medicine practice in Monterey County and provides telemedicine services to patients locally and from across the country. As a provider of comprehensive, world-class health care services to community members from all walks of life, his patients have included employees of some of the nation’s leading technology companies, including Apple, Facebook, and Applied Materials. Dr. Banerjee has also provided high quality medical care for farmworkers in the Salinas Valley and inmates at Soledad State Prison. As we are experiencing a worldwide pandemic, Dr.  Banerjee brings a deep understanding of public health and a broad medical background that would help guide the policy process in Sacramento. 

View Map of AD 29

Greg Swett

Greg Swett

AD 30 Nominee

When walnut grower Greg Swett looks at what our state government is doing for us and how much it costs, he responds, “We can do better.” For the last 35 years, Greg has followed his passion and worked in farming. He is a longstanding member of the San Benito County Farm Bureau and served as their president.

Greg currently serves as Board President of Willow Grove Elementary School.

View Map of AD 30

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