BayAreaGOP 2012 Newsletter Archive

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December 2012

  • Victories for GOP Candidates at the Local Level
  • Meet Hollister’s New Mayor – Republican Businessman Ignacio Valazquez

November 2012

  • Support Prop. 32 Message
  • Meet Doris Gentry, Candidate for Napa City Council

Mid-October 2012

  • Pre-Election GOTV by County
  • Meet Catherine Carlton, Candidate for Menlo Park City Council

October 2012

  • November Election Action Center – Links to programs in each Bay Area County
  • Meet Congressional Candidate Ricky Gill

September 2012

  • Luis Buhler Reports from the Republican National Convention
  • Meet Johnny Khamis, Candidate for San Jose City Council

August 2012

  • Recent Actions Underscore the Case Against Brown’s Tax Increase
  • Steve Cho for Fremont Mayor
  • CRP Convention Information

July 2012

  • Republican Party of Santa Clara County Provides Model for Support of Local Pension Reform;
  • Kim Vann for Congress in District 3

June 2012

  • Get Out The Vote
  • Highlighted Races on the June Ballot
  • Elect the Munger/Constant Team for Santa Clara County Republican Central Committee

May 2012

  • June Primary Election Highlights
  • Leslie Reynolds for San Jose City Council

April 2012

  • Republican Candidates and Nominees in the June 2012 Election
  • Candace Andersen for Contra Costa Supervisor

March 2012

  • CRP Convention: Conway, Huff and McCarthy Lead the Way
  • Mike Hudson for Assembly District 11

February 2012

  • California State Budget: Democrats’ Budget Fiction Comes Home to Roost
  • San Jose Pension Reform Heads to Ballot

January 2012

  • 2012 Presidential Campaign
  • Special Interest Money Limit Measure Qualifies

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