California Republicans Can Help Decide Eleven Ballot Measures this November discusses California Republican Party Recommendations

Prop. 1 – Veterans Bond Act (Oppose) – The veterans committee of the California Republican Party opposes this measure because it is the wrong approach to solving the affordable housing problem and because veterans are being used to try and sell $4 billion more debt to the California voters. Don’t buy it!

Prop. 2 – No Place Like Home (Support) – Submitted by the California Legislature, this measure allocates a portion of existing mental health funds to homeless programs that will benefit those with mental health issues.  No new taxes are involved.  All Republican members of the legislature but one voted to put this measure on the ballot.

Prop. 3 – Water Bond Act (Neutral) – The California GOP decided to take a neutral position on this $8.9 billion bond proposal after hearing from both proponents and opponents of the measure.

Prop. 4 – Children’s Hospital Bond Act (Oppose) – The California Republican Party opposed increasing the state’s debt by $1.5 billion to fund private hospitals.

Prop. 5 – Property Owner Taxes (Support) – This measure would allow all homeowners over 55 years old, the severely disabled, and victims of natural disaster to transfer their property tax base when they move to a replacement residence. It will provide tax savings for seniors, disabled and disaster victims while increasing the tax base when larger properties that are vacated are sold and reassessed at current market value.

Prop. 6 – Repeal the Gas Tax (Support) – Historically, politicians have diverted transportation dollars away from road maintenance to cover budget deficits. Now they want you to pay more to fix the problems they helped create. If taxpayers are successful in repealing the most recent increase in the gas, diesel and car registration fees, the Legislature will simply need to use the funds they already extract at the pump to fix our roads. Sign up to help repeal the gas tax at

Prop. 7 – Daylight Savings Time (Support) – This measure would allow the California Legislature by a 2/3 vote to modify California’s daylight savings policy if federal law is changed to allow states such flexibility.  No change will occur until and unless federal law is changed.

Prop. 8 – Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics (Oppose) – This measure, sponsored by labor unions, seeks to place a cap on revenues collected by private kidney dialysis clinics. It will reduce access to care needed by critically ill patients.

Prop. 9 – Dividing California into Three States (Removed by the Court)

Prop. 10 – Expanding Rent Control (Oppose) – Allows local governments to impose stronger rent controls. This will result in fewer rental properties when California needs more affordable housing, not less. The better policy would be to remove obstacles to building more affordable housing in order to increase supply.

Prop. 11 – Ambulance Employees On Call During Breaks (Support) –The Legislature wouldn’t solve this, so it had to go to a vote of the people. If passed, ambulance drivers working for private companies would be able to respond to emergency 911 calls even if they are on a break.

Prop. 12 – Confinement of Farm Animals (Oppose) – A recent successful ballot measure set specifications for confinement of farm animals, and this proposal takes it further. This measure is opposed by both farming and animal rights groups. If defeated, existing minimum space requirements for these farm animals would continue to apply.

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