November 2021 Newsletter Articles

Cochrane Proposes New Ideas to Combat “Wokeism”


Economist John Cochrane urged Republicans to fight “Wokeism” with new ideas aimed at persuading the center of the American electorate that we have better answers for the problems they face.

Addressing the California Congress of Republicans and its Silicon Valley chapter SPARC, Cochrane characterized “wokeism” advocates as a political cult trying to seize power in America through undemocratic means.  “Taking over the schools is a time-honored way of indoctrinating the young,” he said.  He also pointed out that “Once you have the bureaucracy you don’t have to win elections.”

He criticized the Democrats’ $3.5 Billion spending proposal not only for its size but also for its content.  He said the proposal is a federal takeover of child care services that will result in a “disaster for children.”  It will both raise the cost of child care and worsen the incentives for those who are trying to work themselves out of poverty.

In a rapid fire conversation, Cochrane outlined approaches to solve our nation’s most pressing problems.

      • Health Care: Empower consumers to force providers to improve services and lower costs by disclosing prices and encouraging competition.  In other words “You get dollars and then you buy stuff.”
      • Education: Systemic racism exists in America, he said.  Students of color have “no opportunity to get out” of non-performing schools.   The solution: Introduce more choice, competition and vouchers and let schools fire bad teachers.
      • Housing: “Let people build houses.”
      • Social Programs: Consolidate multiple programs into a few that serve more people and use time limits – not income – to determine eligibility so that marginal tax rates and disincentives to work can be reduced.
      • Immigration: Control our borders and provide a path for legal immigrants who bring needed skills and are willing to work hard.
      • Checks and balances: Keep the Senate filibuster and reduce government by executive order.
      • Program Evaluation: Sunset all laws and regulations so that programs can be analyzed and evaluated to see if they should be continued.
      • Competent government: The U.S. State Department’s long wait times for visas and California’s Employment Development Department are cases where government services should be improved.

Mr. Cochrane is the Rose-Marie and Jack Anderson Senior Fellow, at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.  He writes regularly on his blog as the Grumpy Economist.

Mike Pompeo Visits South Bay and Supports County Party

Address to SVGOP Decries Chinese Communist Party Threat

By Roger Riffenburgh

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the South Bay recently, appearing at a fundraiser for the Santa Clara County Republican Party (SVGOP).  He was greeted enthusiastically by SVGOP supporters at a luncheon in Santa Clara and had a lot to say about U.S. foreign policy.

Pompeo described the Trump administration’s approach to Afghanistan, “For four years we got it right.”  He explained, “We drew down gradually.  At each step we asked, ‘Can we do it right?’  Citing Teddy Roosevelt’s approach, he said, “We were walking softly and carrying a big stick.”

Mike Pompeo also encouraged the work of local Republican Parties: “We will reclaim this great nation from the bottom up.”  He discussed the need to win races at all levels, including local races.  At the end of his talk he roused the group, saying, “Don’t lose heart, don’t lose hope, and don’t give an inch.”

Secretary Pompeo also spoke in San Jose at the commemoration of the founding of the Hong Kong Freedom Beacon, an organization supporting freedom in Hong Kong.  At both appearances he addressed the threat of the Chinese Communist Party.  Here are some of his points:

    • “The Chinese Communist Party is not only the greatest threat to America but also the greatest threat to the 1.4 billion people living in China.”
    • A challenge to General Secretary Xi Jinping: “If you believe you represent the people, hold an election.”
    • The name “People’s Liberation Army” is a lie.
    • “The Chinese Communist Party is at war with the United States, even if we don’t want to be at war with them.”
    • “The fight will be long, but these freedom fighters are the future of Hong Kong – not communism.”
    • There are some 360,000 Chinese students studying in the U.S. Some are spies, and many others are subject to pressure by their government to gather information.  In contrast, only 11,000 American students are studying in China.
    • Regarding CCP internet controls, “We are determined to help the Chinese people tear down that Great Firewall.”
    • There is no higher priority for the CCP than to bring Taiwan under their control. They will try to pull away allies and partners and isolate Taiwan.  Under Pompeo’s direction the U.S. government championed the freedom of Taiwan.
    • “Fear not. The Lord is with us”

Pompeo also made a few points on other subjects:

    • That blue U.S. passport is something people die for.
    • Asked whether the FBI or CIA was behind the January 6th action at the Capitol: “Always assume incompetence, not conspiracy.”  You’ll often be right.
    • About running for president: “I’ll continue to be part of this fight.  I don’t know what my role will be.”


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