Recommended Candidates
for the San Mateo County Central Committee (SMGOP)


Angel Cardenas – Angel was the Republican nominee for Congressional District 14 in 2016.  He recently organized volunteers to assist with President Trump’s visit to San Mateo County.  He is a biomedical engineer with a degree from Santa Clara University and a member of the San Mateo County Young Republicans.

Brandon Lang – Brandon was the Regional Vice President for the California College Republicans and an active volunteer on behalf of local Republican organizations.  He is a recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz beginning his career in on-line marketing.

Stephan Steiner – Stephan is a volunteer and current member of the San Mateo County Republican Central Committee.  He has worked for 12 years in technology marketing for a global enterprise software company.


Note: District 4 is the only district where the number of candidates exceeded the number of positions available. You must be a registered Republican to receive a ballot that includes Republican Candidates for President and County Central Committee. 

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