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BayAreaGOP Voter Guide

Click Here for the BayAreaGOP Guide to November Ballot Measures

Click Here to access the CAGOP Voter Guide by Address

Below are Bay Area Legislative and Congressional Nominees

Matt Heath for Assembly District 2
District Map
Contact Matt

Lisa Romero for Assembly District 11
District Map
Contact Lisa

Assemblywoman Catharine Baker for Assembly District 16
District Map
Contact Catharine

Stephen Slauson for Assembly District 18
District Map
Contact Steve

Keith Bogdon for Assembly District 19
Contact Keith


Joe Grcar for Assembly District 20
District Map
Contact Joe

Christina Laskowski for Assembly District 22
District Map
Contact Christina

Dr. Alex Glew for Assembly District 24
District Map
Contact Alex

Bob Brunton for Assembly District 25   
District 25  
Contact Bob

Burt Lancaster for Assembly District 27   
District Map


Michael Snyder for Assembly District 28
District Map   
Contact Michael


Vicki Nohrden for Assembly District 29
District Map
Contact Vicki

Neil Kitchens for Assembly District 30
District Map
Contact Neil

Victor San Vicente for Senate District 10

District Map
Contact Victor


Rob Poythress for Senate District 12
District Map
Contact Rob

Dale K. Mensing for Congress District 2
District Map
Contact Dale

Charlie Schaupp for Congress District 3
District Map
Contact Charlie

Marla Livengood for Congress District 9
District Map
Contact Marla

Lisa Remmer for Congress District 12
District Map
Contact Lisa

Cristina Osmeña for Congress District 14
District Map
Contact Cristina

Rudy Peters for Congress District 15
District Map
Contact Rudy

Christine Russell for Congress District 18
District Map


Justin Aguilera for Congress District 19
District Map
Contact Justin

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