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BayAreaGOP 2020 Election Voter Guide

Election Day is March 3rd, and for those counties that have opted in to the Voter’s Choice Act, ballots will be mailed the first week in February.

We have featured some of our Bay Area candidates below. Click here to view the complete list of Certified Candidates for the March election.

Ritesh Tandon

Ritesh Tandon

CD 17 Candidate

Ritesh has worked for nearly two decades in the Silicon Valley and proudly serves the disadvantaged both here in the Bay Area and abroad through nonprofit engagement. Seeing a lack of representation of our values in Washington, DC, Ritesh is seeking to serve the Bay Area in Congress.

View Map of CD 17

Ken Del Valle

Ken Del Valle

SD 15 Candidate

Born in Lares, Puerto Rico, Ken Del Valle moved to the United States at the age of 19 and has served with the US Air Force, US Air Force Reserves, and currently the US Army Reserves. In 2019, he created and was elected President of a Turning Point USA chapter; an organization whose goal is to educate students about the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government. 

View Map of SD 15

Bridget Mahoney

Bridget Mahoney

AD 22 Candidate

Bridget was born and raised in San Mateo County and has a lifelong interest and passion for public service. As the Vice President for the Order of Malta, Western Association Auxiliary and a founding member of the group, she works alongside the Auxiliary’s mission and commitment to serving the poor and the sick in their local communities. 

View Map of AD 22

Ballot Measures

Qualified for the November Ballot:

  • 17-0044 “Restricts Parole for Non-Violent Offenders (CAGOP Supports)
  • 17-0055 “Requires Certain Commercial and Industrial Real Property To Be Taxed Based on Fair-Market Value” (CAGOP Opposes)
  • 18-0009 “Referendum to Overturn a 2018 Law That Replaced Money Bail System With A System Based On Public Safety Risk” (CAGOP Supports Referendum and Requests “No” Vote)

Initiatives Filed with the Attorney General’s Office:

  • 19-0009 “The California Initiative, Referendum and Recall Reform Act”
  • 19-0010 “The California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2020”
  • 19-0011 “Cannabis Hemp Heritage Act of 2020”
  • 19-0012 “Amends the California Constitution to Replace the Bicameral Assembly and Senate with a Unicameral Nonpartisan Legislature and Increase the Number of Members Serving the Legislature”
  • 19-0013 “California Ranked-Choice Voting Act” 

Calendar of Election Deadlines (Partial List)

Candidate Filing:
Jan 6 – Feb 18, 2020 – State of Write-in Candidacy and Nomination Paper Period
Feb 21 – Certified List of Write-in Candidates

Voter Information Guide:
Jan 23 – Feb 11, 2020 – Voter Information Guide Mailing Period

Registration and Voting:
Jan 3 – Jan 18, 2020 – Military and Overseas Voter Vote-By-Mail Ballot Delivery Period
Feb 3 – Feb 25 – Vote-By-Mail Mailing Period
Feb 17 – Last Day to Register to Vote
Mar 3 – Election Day (7am – 8pm)


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