July 2021 Newsletter Articles


The Executive Committee of the California Republican Party will meet in Southern California on July 24 to consider adopting a process to endorse a single candidate for Governor to replace Gavin Newsom.

The proposed process would allow all CAGOP delegates to participate in a virtual meeting where the endorsement vote would take place.  Candidates would be nominated by delegates who could submit their signature electronically on a candidate’s nomination petition.  The new process is proposed as an amendment to the CAGOP bylaws, since there is no existing provision for endorsement in a statewide recall election.

The recall of Governor Newsom has officially qualified for the ballot and the date of the recall election has now been set for September 14.

Should the bylaw change be adopted by the Executive Committee, it is likely that the CAGOP delegates would need to convene in a special meeting to allow for an endorsement with sufficient lead time to make a difference in the recall election.

CAGOP delegates are scheduled to meet next in San Diego during the weekend of September 24-26.

CAGOP Expands Election Integrity Operations

by Roger Riffenburgh


The California Republican Party has recently increased its election integrity operations and launched a new election integrity website.  In an email CAGOP Secretary Randy Berholtz, chair of the Election Integrity Committee, said, “We founded the California Election Integrity Committee to train and empower our local leaders to be heavily involved in assuring the safety and security of our election process.”

Krista Pittman, the CAGOP’s Field & Political Director, said, “Our main goals include (1) establishing a year-round presence and relationship with our County Registrar of Voters, (2) encouraging volunteer participation in monitoring the Registrar’s Administration of Voter Data and Elections, and (3) becoming familiar with the election process and laws.”

On the new website, which is located at CAElectionIntegrity.com, one may report voting irregularities, apply to be a poll worker, become a poll observer, or volunteer as an election integrity volunteer.  One may also contribute to the CAGOP Election Integrity Fund, take an election integrity survey, or check one’s voter registration status.

At least two Bay Area county Republican parties, San Francisco and Santa Clara, promoted Election Integrity Day in mid-June, encouraging people to volunteer, to check out the new website, and to check their voting status.  Santa Clara Republican Chair Shane Patrick Connolly said, “I’m excited that the CAGOP is supporting county chairs in making election integrity a priority and supporting us by providing training.”  Shane says there’s an online training for county chairs and other interested parties on July 10 at 9:30am.  One can contact him at shanepatrickconnolly@gmail.com if interested.

There’s an immediate need for the election integrity work.  Pittman says, “Building off of last cycle’s successes, the CAGOP will expand its robust poll observing operation for the 2021 Recall Election.”  The state party is seeking to have an Election Integrity Officer for every county.  They are working closely with county parties and training volunteers in California election laws and best practices.

Another area of election integrity work concerns removal of inactive voters from the rolls.  Progress was made in 2019, when a settlement was announced between Judicial Watch, the Election Integrity Project, Los Angeles County and the California Secretary of State to implement a removal procedure.  The California Secretary of State issued new instructions to counties in March 2019.  

In 2020 the Santa Clara County Republican Party requested their county Registrar of Voters to also implement a removal procedure, but the registrar said the law first required notices during two election cycles.  Activists in other counties also have the opportunity to monitor whether their counties are complying with the removal procedure.  Further information is available on the BayAreaGOP Ballot Integrity page.

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