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Property Taxes, Rent Control Among Key Issues on November Ballot

On California’s fall election ballot, voters will be asked to decide on 11 ballot measures placed there by both state legislators and the initiative process.  While the opportunity to repeal the gas tax increase has received a great deal of attention among voters, two other equally important measures will impact housing costs for California residents.

Prop. 5 – Tax Relief for Homeowners

Proposition 5, sponsored by the California Association of REALTORS®, will broaden tax benefits under Proposition 13 by allowing all seniors, disabled and victims of natural disaster to preserve their tax base benefits when they sell their home and buy a new one anywhere within the State of California.  Proponents argue that by allowing those with larger homes to downsize, many valuable properties will turn over and be sold at market rate – providing increased revenue to the state and local jurisdictions.    This measure is particularly timely given the number of Californians who have lost their homes in recent fires and may want or need to move without being hit by increased property taxes.

Prop. 10 – Rent Control

In the midst of the State’s housing crisis, Proposition 10 would restrict investment in rental housing by allowing cities to impose stronger rent controls.  Currently State law limits what types of rent control cities can implement.  California’s housing shortage cannot be solved by price controls that would reduce housing supply even further.  The Bay Area News Group recently said Prop 10 will “exacerbate” the State’s housing crisis.  Instead we should be removing legal obstacles in order to lower the cost and increase the construction of new housing. 

For more information on all eleven ballot measures, click on the Voter Guide to Fall Ballot Measures.

Peter Hernandez for San Benito County Supervisor

Business owner and school board trustee Peter Hernandez is running for County Supervisor in San Benito County.  He is running in District 3, which includes the southern part of Hollister.

Hernandez considers transportation to be the connecting fibers of the community. It is essential for commerce, for workers going to their jobs, and for the tourism trade that is so important to San Benito County. When looking at current problems, he points out that “… we are living with the consequences of poorly planned development and traffic congestion.  We need to lay a new, healthier foundation for our children”.

Peter Hernandez offers “As your County Supervisor, I will work together with residents to plan for smart growth. We need roads, infrastructure, schools and public services that are properly planned with community input.  And, we need to attract jobs to our community.”

“I will insist on making public safety a priority in San Benito County, and I will prioritize a return on investment of every taxpayer dollar – we must never waste taxpayer dollars.”

Peter Hernandez was born and raised in Hollister.  He is the youngest child of Latino immigrant parents, a mother who worked many years in the fields and a father who was a butcher.  Peter’s grandfather was a musician who once played the salterio in Carnegie Hall, which began the family’s connection with the United States. Peter graduated from San Benito High School in Hollister.  He worked in retail for several years, driving and distributing beverages.  He subsequently moved into sales.

During his twenties, when his father was preparing to apply to be a U.S. citizen, Peter learned about the founding of our country and the Constitution.  He was fascinated and became very interested in both our government and maintaining our freedom.  He also learned about the role of faith in the founding and later became a devout man of faith.

Peter started volunteering at the Probation Department, where he did filing and assisted with drug testing.  Activity picked up after AB109 transferred supervision of state offenders to county probation departments, and Peter was asked to contact local pastors to assist.

His experience with the probation programs led him to want to be more deeply involved with government service.  He ran for the Hollister School District Board in 2014 and was elected.  He has been pushing for excellence in the district. He also served as chair of the San Benito County Republican Party in 2015-16.

A few years ago on a trip to Kauai, Peter and his wife Karina enjoyed a delicious shave ice in a lovely tropical setting.  They were so taken by the experience that they started a business, Ohana Shave Ice, to bring it to Hollister.  First they opened a booth, then a trailer, and finally a shop.  Ohana is a Hawaiian word for family.  They give the customer not only the shave ice but also a bit of the beautiful Hawaiian experience.

Peter wants to encourage people to get involved.  He says, “My motivation is for others to realize they have the power to change their community as long as they are engaged.”

Peter and his wife Karina live in Hollister, where they are raising their three kids.  You can find out more about his campaign at his campaign website:

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