BayAreaGOP 2017 Newsletter Archive

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May 2017

  • Ten (More) Reasons to Vote Democrats Out After They Raised Taxes by $52 Billion

  • Peter Verbica Leads the California Congress of Republicans

April 2017

  • BayAreaGOP has upgraded our website to provide more security for our viewers.

  • Businessman and former City Leader John Boyle takes the lead for San Mateo County GOP.

March 2017

  • Assembly and Senate Republican Leaders exposed the failures of Democrats who control California’s government, using videos and social media. Senator Jean Fuller explained the mistreatment of Sen. Janet Nguyen.

  • The CAGOP Organizing Convention included presentations by nationally recognized political leaders, and the election of the statewide and regional officers.

February 2017

  • The California Republican Party will hold its Organizing Convention in Sacramento Feb. 24-26 with Rep. Devin Nunes and Hugh Hewitt as keynote speakers.

  • Sue Caro is running for Bay Area Vice Chair – read about her many accomplishments.

January 2017

  • Former Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen is now CAGOP’s Vice Chair. Learn about her accomplishments and plans for the Party’s future.

  • As the Trump Administration forms, three Californians are playing a major role in nominations and the legislative agenda.

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