BayAreaGOP 2017 Newsletter Archive

In April of this year, BayAreaGOP changed our newsletter format, linking back to our website’s home page to read articles. In the archive, you may click on the articles link to read articles posted for each month. January through March articles are visible in the newsletter, so just click on the image to view the full newsletter.

Repeal CA Gas Tax

December 2017

  • Gas Tax Repeal Update: Time to Collect Signatures
  • Republican GOTV to Change in 2018 with Voters Choice Act
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Paul Graves

November 2017

  • Paul Graves for Contra Costa District Attorney
  • CAGOP Convention Highlights #GasTaxtrophe

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Travis Allen

October 2017

  • Fall CRP Convention Invitation
  • Anaheim Convention to Feature Judge Jeanine Pirro

  • Republican Leaders Oppose Repeal of Top Two

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Travis Allen

September 2017

  • Republicans and Voters Fight Back Against Democrat’s Abuse of Power
  • Ling Ling Chang: Former Assemblywoman Seeks Recall Seat

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Travis Allen

August 2017

  • Gas Tax Repeal Title and Summary Challenged in Court

  • 2018 Governor’s Race Develops: Cox and Allen Are Running

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July 2017

  • CA Democrat Legislative Leadership Sidesteps Transparency Requirements

  • Democrats Hijack State Budget to Restrict Voters’ Right to Recall

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June 2017

  • CA Republican Party Seeking Social Media Ambassadors

  • Santa Clara’s Bob Nuñez: Leading and Helping on Many Fronts

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May 2017

  • Ten (More) Reasons to Vote Democrats Out After They Raised Taxes by $52 Billion

  • Peter Verbica Leads the California Congress of Republicans

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April 2017

  • BayAreaGOP has upgraded our website to provide more security for our viewers.

  • Businessman and former City Leader John Boyle takes the lead for San Mateo County GOP.

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March 2017

  • Assembly and Senate Republican Leaders exposed the failures of Democrats who control California’s government, using videos and social media. Senator Jean Fuller explained the mistreatment of Sen. Janet Nguyen.

  • The CAGOP Organizing Convention included presentations by nationally recognized political leaders, and the election of the statewide and regional officers.

February 2017

  • The California Republican Party will hold its Organizing Convention in Sacramento Feb. 24-26 with Rep. Devin Nunes and Hugh Hewitt as keynote speakers.

  • Sue Caro is running for Bay Area Vice Chair – read about her many accomplishments.

January 2017

  • Former Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen is now CAGOP’s Vice Chair. Learn about her accomplishments and plans for the Party’s future.

  • As the Trump Administration forms, three Californians are playing a major role in nominations and the legislative agenda.

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